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To contribute to The Bummer Fund.
Celebrate the joy your pet adds to your life…
Create a lasting memorial in honor of your pet…
Be a helping hand to someone’s loving companion…
Acknowledge a special pet-loving friend or loved one…

Phone Numbers:
To make an application: 330 -406-9668
Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana Country residents/veterinarians only
Fax Number: 330-787-0274
Mailing Address:
269 Redondo Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44504

To make a donation: 330-519-3152

The Bummer Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; your donations are tax deductible

Privacy Policy
February 2016


All donors, except those choosing to be anonymous, shall be entered in the Bummer Fund’s data base for receiving newsletters and invitations to our events.  In addition, that information shall be used to acknowledge details of donation received in a letter to the donor.  Those who are being honored with a donation by others shall also be added to our data base, and they will receive a letter letting them know of the donation being made in their honor.  That letter shall not include the amount of the donation nor the address of the donor—only the name.  Those individuals will also receive our newsletter and and invitations to our events.  The web page and the letters will have a statement that allows individuals to remove their name from our data base.  Under no circumstances shall the information in our data base be made available to any other organization, nor shall it be used for other purposes.  Unless explicitly requested otherwise, the names of donors shall be listed in our newsletters, but not amounts donated or contact information of donors.  Those who are honored by donations of others may be the focus of stories in our newsletters, but only with their permission. Their names are kept in our data base but not otherwise included in our newsletters.


Board members names shall be listed in our newsletters and on our web page.  Contact information is available only upon request.  Responses to such requests shall respect all privacy policies, our usual operating procedures, and conflict of interest guidelines.  Such information shall not be made available to other organizations except those entitled to accountability information regarding the Fund’s operations.

Current Board Members:
President: Susan Sexton
Vice-President: Heather Meszar
Corresponding Secretary: Anne McMahon
Recording Secretary: Vacant – Interim Mark Meszar
Treasurer: Kristina Terlecki
Social Media: Gretchen Brown
Applications: Tess Tessier and Tara McKibben
Newsletter: June Jagunic
Website: Mark Meszar
Members:  Sharon Stringer, Cynthia Hirtzel